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Aspire 1st International Kite Festival

  • Apr 25 - 29, 2017

  • Aspire Park

For the first time in Qatar, Aspire will host the International Kite Festival. Come watch in wonder as professional kite flyers paint with sky with their skillful choreography. There is even more action on the ground with kite workshops, roaming entertainers, food kiosks, F1 simulators and more.

Photography Competition

Enter our photo competition to capture the dynamic beauty of the Aspire 1st International Kite Festival and win! Keep your eye on the sky and head in the clouds to capture the perfect moment that reflects the event. The rules are simple. Photos must be taken in Aspire Park during the festival 25th- 29th April using the #AspireKiteFest #Aspire. For more details visit LifeinAspire.qa

Children’s Posters

Let your children’s creativity soar in our poster colouring competition. Children up to 10 years old are invited to draw their kites in the Aspire Park sky. Entries will be posted on Instagram and the photos with the most like will win exciting prizes. For more details visit LifeinAspire.qa

Unique Family Fun

More than just kites, the 1st Aspire International Kite Festival is full of family fun. Be entertained by the roaming stilt performers specialising in juggling, comedy and acrobatic routines. Explore the wonder of the wind garden and watch as the wind surrounds you with the mesmerizing motions of the wind spinners. Join us for an international festival of fun!


Schools Competition

· The competition is open to all Qatari schools(public and private), 1 submission per school.
· Teams of 10 can enter the competition by registering their name until the 24th of April.
· Teams must create and decorate their kites with specific criteria; with a minimum size of 3 meters width x 5 meters length with any type of materials>
· Teams will compete on the 29th in front of the judges.


We have 3 prizes for the winning schools.
1st place will win 30,000 QR.
2nd place will win 20,000 QR.
3rd place will win 10,000 QR.

Photography competition

• Open to everyone. No registration required.
• Participants must take their photos in the Aspire park, and capture action shots of the Kites flying, or of guests interacting in the festival (must get permission first)
• Images should be posted on Instagram with the hashtag #AspireKitePhoto, and have their account public to view the pictures.
• The pictures will be judged by a panel, and the participants with the best shots will win.
• Upload from April 25th - April 28th 9:00pm


1st place: 2 Business class tickets from Qatar Airways.
2nd place: 2 Economy class tickets from Qatar Airways.
3rd place: A D3300 camera and a camera training course from Nikon.
4th place: A Coolpix S8200 camera from Nikon.

Children’s poster competition

• Competition open to all kids to the age of 13 and under.
• Kids can create and decorate posters for the event.
• The posters will be posted on the official Aspire’s Facebook page @aspirezone. The top ten most liked pictures, will win the prizes.
• Winners will be announced on the 29th.


The winners will get Gifts from Kiddy Zone.


Aspire Park

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