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Annual Reports


AZF Management Statement

Inspired by the Qatar National Vision 2030, and guided by our mission and vision, we have taken an impressive number of strides this year in different areas.

Given that so many of our initiatives require strong collaborations between our member organisations, we can all be proud of our collective achievements as a shared success of each and every individual in Aspire Zone Foundation.

A Qatari team, comprised entirely of Aspire Academy students and graduates, emerged victorious at the AFC U-19 Championship in Myanmar, While Aspetar became one of only nine healthcare organisations in the world to be awarded Platinum level accreditation by Accreditation Canada International.

Aspire Logistics hosted an impressive 229 day’s worth of local, regional and international sports-related events.

Achievements like these exemplify the work we do every single day at Aspire and encourage us to move forward. Indeed, as Aspetar is currently expanding its suite of medical services and the facilities to deliver it, Aspire Logistics team has supported the team significantly in the areas of planning and delivery of Aspetar’s expansion. Elsewhere, Aspire Academy is currently planning its own expansion for February 2017, which will see the introduction of an innovative new training solution at the Academy, delivering improved football training in Qatar that will benefit generations to come.

Another core area of our organisation is sustainable human development. In keeping with our desire to support healthy lifestyles and to cater to the community’s needs, we are committed to making our exceptional expertise and first-rate facilities available not just to sports professionals, but to everyone in Qatar. This commitment encourages greater participation across the country, and supports the development of human capital in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.

Over a decade has passed since the formation of Aspire and, even though we anticipated great success from the beginning, none of this valuable work could have taken place without the support of Qatar’s wise leadership and our own people. Thanks to our unrivalled network of experts, partners, stakeholders and participants, AZF can proudly assert its leadership and excellence as the provider of the world’s new ultimate sports experience. We have celebrated an array of impressive achievements over the past year and we are confident that, as a direct result of our continued collaborations, the coming year will bear even more fruit. We promise to do our utmost over the next year, and to continue applying best practices from across the industry, in order to benefit the entire nation.

Thank you all for your hard work, and we pray that the years ahead hold even more success for each and every one in AZF and Qatar.

Hilal Jeham Al Kuwari
President, Aspire Zone Foundation

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2018 Annual Report

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