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National Development Careers

For senior professionals

We have a selection of interesting senior positions for Qatari Nationals. Contact us directly.
HR Services



Qatarization is a strategic initiative by the Government of Qatar to provide employment for its citizens in the private and public sectors.

The philosophy is to develop Nationals who will be able to competently fulfill the roles and responsibilities assigned to them in their target positions.

AZF ND will seek all options to develop Nationals where there is a willingness and desire on their part to work hard and show loyalty towards the organization.

Our objective is to achieve "Quality in Qatarization" whereby we seek to recruit, train and develop and retain quality and competent Qatari males and females to assume permanent positions in our facilities.

In this regard our approach is strongly linked to performance and proven competency as these relate to meeting our operational requirements and consequent organizational success.

Newly joined national graduates have a special training program tailor-made to develop their knowledge and skills called “Development Plan”.

We always look for ambitious individuals who are interested in pursuing the challenges of life.

Scholarship and Sponsorship

To respond effectively to the needs of AZF by offering scholarships to eligible Qatari students and employees to pursue University study programs.

Aligns with the public policy of Qatarization in relation to Qatar Development Strategy 2011-2016 and Vision 2030.

Committed to developing its workforce by providing local & international higher education opportunities to eligible Qatari students.

The emphasis is on the annual recruitment of graduating seniors from Qatar's public and private high schools.

The final stage is when the graduating Qatari student completes undergraduate study and returns to AZF as a contributing member of a dynamic workforce with unlimited career opportunities.

This provides the workforce with academically certified Nationals in positions of specific specialization.

The Purpose

National Development has a comprehensive undergraduate scholarship program that provides opportunities to Qataris to study at leading international universities and colleges,in Qatar and abroad, in specialized disciplines which are crucial for AZF's core business success.

To develop future AZF leaders, managers and employees that will add value to the effectiveness of the AZF.

Admission Requirements

To apply for an AZF scholarship , the candidate should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Must be Qatari.
  • Not more than 25 years old.
  • Scholar must pass the conditions of employment (medical examination) as stated in the Human Capital law.
  • High School Certificate or equivalent with an overall mark of at least 80% .
  • Certificates should be authenticated.
  • Official Certificate with minimum score of IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL (550).
  • Must have a letter of acceptance from a university
  • Successfully pass a personal interview with AZF representatives.
  • Not under current scholarship sponsorship by another entity or organization.

Required Documents
  • An approved and officially stamped secondary school certificate.
  • A Copy of the government issued Qatari I.D.
  • One Passport sized photo.
  • A Copy of recent TOFEL or IELTS Scores.
  • A Copy of the University Acceptance Letter.
  • A current Resume, if available.


The purpose of having an internship program is to contribute to the growth and development of mainly Qatari developees who are not employed by Aspire Zone Foundation or its Member Organizations.

AZF provides exciting internship opportunities for university and college undergraduate Qatari & non Qatari students looking to gain work experience or complete mandatory work intersession periods essential for their college programme.

Through these internships, students will have the opportunity to carry out research and gain practical experience relevant to their area of study.

Internships typically last one month during the summer or winter vacation period.

Interns are provided with issued certificates indicating their participation in the internship, upon completing the program

Department Contacts
National Development
Tel.: +974 4413 8188