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Life in Qatar

Qatar is a peninsular country, located in Asia, with terrain comprised of arid desert and a long shoreline of beaches and dunes at the Arabian Gulf.

Capital: Doha
Continent: Asia
Dialing code: +974
Currency:  Qatari riyal
Language: Arabic (official) and English
Qatar Weather
Qatar experiences sunny weather all year round. It is very hot and humid in summer between May and September.

Summer Temperature

  • Average daytime: 38 degrees C - 42 degrees C
  • Average night: around 18 degrees C
  • Daytime humidity reaches 95%

Meanwhile, winter is mild and mostly dry, with occasional rainstorms in December and January. Spring and autumn also usually bring warm weather.

Winter Temperature

  • Average daytime: 34 degrees C
  • Average night: 10 degrees C


Hukoomi – Qatar e-Government

The online portal is Qatar's government one-stop shop for information and services for residents and visitors.