Aspire Academy Events

Sport Science
The ASPIRE Academy Sport Science Department will be conducting a series of physical tests designed to measure your athletic performance. These activities will be open to everyone and will be set-up so as to allow families and friends to participate together. Performance measures will include: timed sprints, jumping height and throwing speed. All participants will be provided with a record of their personal scores and will be able to compare them to the performances of World Champion athletes as well as our own ASPIRE athletes.

Aspire Active Family Boot Camp

Fitness fun for entire family! This game-like circuit training plan is sure to charge up family time. Structured workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movements that deliver a fitness that is broad, inclusive and general and scalable for any participant at any level. These creatively designed activities will help everyone to increase endurance, strengthen and tone muscle, and develop flexibility .It’s never too early or too late to incorporate a fitness program as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Life Development Program - LDP

4 Different Games designed for over 12 years boys and girls monitored by LDP specialists, reflects values like Team Work, focus, communication, responsibility, Fun, Challenge and respect. Wall Climbing activity run by climbing experts.

Football Performance & Science

“Aspire academy Football Performance & Science department is promoting an experience of tests based on football related activity. In each one of the station of the circuit the participants can enjoy the feeling to assess their physical and technical skills. The activity is based on simple and funny trials monitored with high technology systems. The participants can challenge themselves with general ability trials, accuracy of shoot on goal, speed and agility among others. Male, female, youngsters and adults are most than welcome to experience the Football Performance & Science National Sport Day 2014.”

ASPIRE Academy Multi-sport Skill Development and Foundation Year Programmes

The MSSD programme helps boys and girls develop and improve their core skills for a range of sports activities. The programme is delivered by experienced and skilled coaches and aims to give young people a positive experience of sport and help those who have ability to take the next steps towards becoming a top-flight performer, perhaps even to be offered a place at the prestigious ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence, where boys will receive top class coaching and sport science support as they strive to be the best that they can be. The Foundation Year Programme gives boys in their first year at ASPIRE Academy a solid grounding and experience across a range of sports and disciplines. This will help them to adjust to life in a sports centre of excellence and help them to identify the range of sports on which to focus over the years to come. For National Sports Day 2014, coaches and staff from both of these programmes will be offering a range of skill challenges and activities for family units to try together. Our MSSD Girls coaches will be offering a programme of taster sessions (including gymnastics, fun sports, racket sports and aerobics/dance) for mothers and girls to enjoy together. The MSSD Boys and Foundation Year coaches will be running a “Dads and Lads” challenge, where prizes will be offered to the best male family combinations (one adult: one child) who achieve the best combined scores across a number of sports-based skills.

S.No Division Location
1 Football Football field 4 - 5
2 Talent Center Dome Multi 1 and 2
3 Aspire Active Football field -6
4 Sport Science Indoor Athletics track
5 School-LDP Green area next to football field-7 And Climbing Wall
6 Football Performance Indoor Football Field